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27. Temperature dependence of chemical order in liquid Al-Si binary alloys by Odusote, Y. A. and Olamoju, J. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp195 – 201.
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The concentration-concentration fluctuations in long wavelength limits, Scc(0) have been computed from experimental data of free energy of mixing (GM/RT) of pure Al and Si components in molten Al-Si alloys at 2000 K, 2400 K and 2473 K, respectively on the basis of a statistical thermodynamic theory within the framework of the quasi-chemical approximation model (QCAM). The Scc(0) is used to obtain Warren-Cowley short range order parameter (α1) and ratio of mutual and intrinsic diffusion coefficients (DM/Did) for this alloy. Analysis of the result shows that the presence of chemical order leading to complex formation is predominant in liquid Al-Si alloys across the whole concentration range. The atomic interaction between components decreases as temperature increases.

Keywords:Chemical order, Al-Si, Interchange energy, Chemical complexes