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21. Many Electron Highly Simplified Correlated Variational Approach to Mott Insulator State at Half-filling by Godfrey E. Akpojotor. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp137 – 146.
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The field of correlated electrons represents the frontier of our understanding of the electronic properties of solids. Most often, the mathematical and computational tools to investigate strongly correlated systems are complex, thereby making it difficult to following the research in this field. It is therefore necessary to develop simplified mathematical tools to give useful insight into these strongly correlated systems. The purpose of this study is to extend our earlier formulation of a highly simplified correlated variational approach (HSCVA) for strongly correlated two electrons on two sites in all three dimensions to many electrons. The standard Hubbard model is studied to investigate the effect of on-site interaction strength, U/4t on the variational parameters at various electron densities. The usual Mott insulator state at half-filling is elegantly obtained. The possibility of enhancing and extending the many electron HSCVA to larger lattices and other models is then discussed.