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20. Dynamical Analysis of a Finite Simply Supported Uniform Rayleigh Beam Under Travelling Distributed Loads by E. Ayankop-Andi, S.T.Oni and O.K. Ogunbamike. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp125 – 136.
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This paper investigates the dynamic behaviour of a finite uniform Rayleigh beam subjected to travelling distributed loads. The fourth order partial differential equation governing the motion of the beam is first treated with the Fourier Sine integral transformation to reduce it to a second order coupled ordinary differential equation which is further simplified using the modified asymptotic method of struble. The closed form solution obtained is analysed and numerical calculation and representation in plotted curves show that as the foundation modulus and rotatory inertia correction factor increase, the response amplitude of the dynamical system decreases. It is further deduced that, for the same natural frequency, the critical speed for the system traversed by a distributed force is greater than that traversed by moving distributed mass. Thus, resonance is reached earlier in the moving distributed mass system than in the moving distributed force system. This clearly shows that the moving distributed force solution is not an upper bound to the moving distributed mass problem.