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17. Understanding Cholera Transmission Dynamics: Local and Global Stability Analysis of the Disease-free Equilibrium by E. O. Oghre and Ignatius I. Ako. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp 90 – 98.
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A deterministic mathematical model for the dynamics of cholera is presented. The model incorporates the effect and influence of the death of hyperinfective V. cholerae on the dynamics of cholera which was evaluated and the basic reproduction number,  , for the model computed and used in analyzing the local and global asymptotic stability of the disease-free equilibrium respectively. Analysis showed that the novel parameter, the death rate of hyperinfective V. cholerae, has a very significant effect on the transmission dynamics of cholera by providing a critical value or threshold which determines the onset, growth, sustenance or decay of the disease in the community. 

Keywords:Basic reproduction number, cholera, death rate,diarrhoea,disease-free equilibrium, epidemic, V. cholerae, vibrios