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16. On the Degree of Accuracy Between Two Characteristics in Laminar and Turbulent Boundary Layer Flows by A. E. Eyo. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp 82 – 89.
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In this work we consider two cases. In case one, we apply a linear velocity profile in the energy thickness of Wieghardt [1] and also in Karman-Pohlhausen [2] integral momentum equation to enable us determine two  approximate characteristics of interest in the laminar boundary layer flow, namely: boundary layer thickness and skin friction coefficient and their values are compared with the exact Blasius [3] values. In case two, a one-seventh power law velocity profile is incorporated into the Pohlhausen model for the determination of the same characteristics in the turbulent boundary layer and their values are also compared with exact values. In each case the error of each characteristics is determined. By comparing the two characteristics in the two cases for  their errors the  accuracy ( or otherwise ) of these characteristics is determined.

Keywords:Degree of accuracy, approximate characteristics, laminar, turbulent, boundary layer flows.