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3. The Structure of a Completely Simple SemigroupS^* “Particularly Nice” by Ezeako Lawrence N., Eze Everestus Obinwanne and Ugbene I. J. Volume26, (March, 2014), pp8 – 11.
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A completely Simple SemigroupS^* is a disjoint union of its maximal  subgroups. It has only one D – class (since it is Bisimple and Regular). In S^*, each H – class is a group and the concept of L – class [R - class] principal left [right] ideal and maximal left [right] ideal, coincide. This paper examines the structure of S^* and proves all the theorems stated herein, as inherent characteristics attributable to any completely simple semigroup.

Keywords:Green’s Relations; L,R,D,H [1], Maximal subgroup, Principal left [right] ideal, Minimal left [right] ideal, Minimal left [right] ideal, Simple semigroup, Primitive idempotent.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20M07, 20M12, 20M17