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Transmission Line Compensation (A Case Study of Nigeria 330KV National Grid) by Ike S. A. Ijeh-Ogboi C. Akpojedje F. O. and 3Oladimeji T. T. (July, 2013), pp 279 – 290
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This paper presents the analysis of the steady state performance of a high voltage shunt compensated transmission system. The FACTS device used for compensation was STATCOM. A model for the Network was developed with and without the STATCOM. Numerous simulations of the steady-state voltage and power were performed using MATLAB Simulink. For these cases, the voltage, active and reactive power profiles were analyzed and compared. The location of the compensator is also varied from bus to bus and several simulations carried out. Comparison was made between the voltage profiles at each bus so as to determine the optimal location of the STATCOM in the network. This   paper   also presents   various   facts   related   to   the landmark development: practical installations, benefits and applications of FACTS controllers in the electric utilities. The history of development of these devices is presented along with the information regarding the first utility installation/demonstration of FACTS devices. A comprehensive collection of major FACTS installations around the world is then presented.