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Modelling of Call Setup Success Rate in GSM Networks by Nwachuku J. I. and Emagbetere J. O. (July, 2013), pp 219 – 224
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There is an on-going controversy among experts over what should be the standard formulation for evaluating call setup success rate in GSM networks. In this paper, a novel model that evaluates the actual call setup success rate is developed. The model was developed using a series of simple percentage estimation concepts. It was also assumed that the probability distributions for both call and non-call procedures are the same. Two models based on this assumption were developed in this paper. The first with direct TCH assignment disabled and the other with direct TCH assignment enabled. For the case where direct TCH assignment feature was enabled, knowledge of binomial series was used. The results were expressed as a function of the network key performance indices/indicators (KPIs) in order to reduce computational tasks.