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An Overview of Battery Guiding Principles and Selection by Akpojedje F. O., Egedi-idu S. O. and Onogbotsere M. E. Vol.25 ( Nov. 2013). pp 377-384
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Batteries are typically the last resort or line of defense against total shutdown during power outages. Experience shows that failures in storage batteries can cause more down time and service calls on emergency system than other equipment’s in the system. The aim of this paper is to present the principles of batteries operation, selection and maintenance for good performance and longevity. In this paper, principles guiding battery usage and as well as the maintenance are highlighted. Load test was carried out on 12v VRLA battery to test the performance and the reliability of the storage battery for efficient back-up supplies. It was found out that discharging the battery beyond the manufacturer voltage specification causes the battery voltage to decline rapidly. Hence, the end – users should adhere to the information provided for proper batteries selection and also, adhering to manufacturer’s specification for maximizing the batteries efficiency and longevity.