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Predicting The Compressive Strengths of Concrete Mixes Made With Washed Local Gravel Using Scheffe’s (4,2) Lattice Polynomial by Umeonyiagu Ikechukwu E. and Onyeyili Innocent O. Vol.25 ( Nov. 2013). pp 287-294
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Most structural failures in Nigeria are due to inadequate strength of the construction materials, mainly concrete. This research seeks to use optimisation techniques to overcome the shortcomings of the laboratory trial mixes of determining concrete strengths. Washed local gravel from Abagana, eastern Nigeria, a major source for the construction industry was used. Based on a design matrix and using these aggregates and river sand, sixty concrete cubes of dimensions 150 mm X 150mm X 150 mm were made, cured and tested according to the procedures in BS 1881:1983. Scheffe’s (4, 2) lattice polynomial with regression equation was used to develop a mathematical model for predicting the compressive strength characteristics of concretes made with these aggregates. A student’s t-test was used to test the model’s validity and the analysis of variance (ANOVA) carried out.