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Laboratory Measurements of Electrical Resistivity of Rocks from Girei Local Government Area, Adamawa State, North-Eastern Nigeria by Kanu M. O., Meludu O. C., Oniku A. S. and Gabriel Ochoche. Vol. 25 ( Nov. 2013). pp 203-214
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This paper presents the results of the laboratory measurements of electrical resistivity of fourteen representative surface rock samples from Girei Local Government Area, Adamawa State, part of the Yola arm of the Upper Benue trough, NE Nigeria. The effect of time of water saturation on the electrical resistivity of these rock samples was also investigated. The purpose was to provide basic data that will be used in the determination of the petrophysical characteristics and electrical conductivity mechanisms of these rocks that will further aid interpretation of down-hole, ground and airborne electromagnetic surveys in the area. The two electrode method was used for the electrical resistivity measurements. Results of the electrical resistivity of the saturated rock samples gave values ranging from 7.485 to 10.690x103 Ωm with an average of 8.160 ± 0.229x103 Ωm. The preferred orientation of the water wet pores results in low electrical anisotropy values from 1.2:1 to 1.7:1. Results further showed that resistivity decreases with increasing time of water saturation.