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The Effect of Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity on Magnetohydrodynamic Two-Phase Flow under Optically Thick Limit Radiation by Usman M. A. and Onitilo S. A. Volume 24. ( Nov. 2013) pp 81-108
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This paper investigates the effect of viscosity and thermal conductivity on magnetohydrodynamic two-phase flow under optically thick limit radiation in which an open-ended vertical channel is taken as the domain and the boundary is given as -1< ξ <1. The solutions for temperature, velocity and the induced magnetic field for both gas and liquid were obtained, in the optically thick limit radiation using the method of successive approximation. The Continuity, Momentum and Energy equations were formulated, non-dimensionalized and solved. We observed that increase in radiation parameter for gas and liquid increase the rate of heat transfer to the fluid (gas and liquid) and this leads to an increase in temperature. Also increase in velocity for gas and liquid decrease as the radiation parameter increases. It was also observed that an increase in radiation parameter causes an increase in the flow rate of both gas and liquid.