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Specific Heat of the 2D Hubbard Model: QUEST Approach by Iyorzor Ben.E., Babalola M. I., Enukpere E. E. and Idiodi J. O. A. Volume 25 ( Nov, 2013) . pp 27-32
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The specific heat was studied as a function of temperature within the two – dimensional Hubbard model with various values of the on-site Coulombic repulsion U ranging from 2 to 16 using the Quantum Electron simulation Toolbox (QUEST) approach at half-filling. Two distinct features were identified: (1) A low temperature peak appeared when the low lying spin states are excited, and (2) a higher temperature broad peak appeared when states in the upper Hubbard band are excited. It was also observed that in the weak coupling regime the low temperature peak moves to slightly higher temperature as U increases, reaching a turning point at U 11.