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Calculation of momentum distributions of 10Be fragment from 11Be + 9Be reaction using the Glauber Theory by I. D. Adamu. Volume 25 ( Nov. 2013) pp 33-36
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The momentum distributions of 10Be core fragment from the 11Be + 9Be reaction system are computed in the framework of the Glauber Theory using the CSC_GM code. The CSC_GM code used in the computations was obtained from the CPC Program Library, Queen’s University of Belfast, N. Ireland. The CSC_GM code is a Fortran 90 program that was originally run on UNIX operating system. The code was modified and run on Windows xp. The projectile nucleus is assumed to have the structure of a core plus valence nucleon. The input data needed for the calculations are the core and target densities and the nucleon-nucleon profile function. Results are found to agree with the experimental data, especially at high incident energies.