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Response under a Moving Load of an Elastically Supported Euler- Bernoulli Beam on Pre-Stressed and Variable Elastic Foundation. by F.O Akinpelu ,2I.A Idowu, and 3R.A Mustapha. Volume 22 (November, 2012), pp 519 – 534
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The dynamic response under a partially distributed moving load of an elastically supported Euler- Bernoulli Beam on pre-stressed and variable elastic foundation was investigated.  The governing partial differential equations were analyzed for both moving force and moving mass in order to determine the behavior of the system under consideration. The analytical method in terms of series solution and numerical method were used for the governing equation. It was observed that the response amplitude of the moving mass increase as mass of the load M increases. It was also found that the response amplitude due to the moving mass for pre-stressed is greater than that due to moving force.
Keywords: pre-stressed, Euler-Bernoulli Beam, partially distributed, moving load, moving force, elastic foundation.