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Qualitative Study of a Cholera Model by Oghre E. O. and 2Akhaze R. U. Volume 22 (November, 2012), pp 487 – 494
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A Mathematical model for the dynamics of cholera in an aquatic environment is developed. The model examines and analyses the effect of the growth rate of the V. cholera in the lower-infective class on the dynamics of the disease. The effect of this assumption was used to derive the basic reproduction number, R0 which was used in analyzing the stability of the disease free equilibrium point.  The results obtained show the strong likelihood of cholera outbreaks due to the growth of the lower-infective V. cholera and the contributions from the infective. 
Keywords: Basic reproduction number, disease-free equilibrium, epidemic, cholera disease, , infective, mathematical model, population, removed, susceptible.