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Unsteady Free Convective Flow of Sisko Fluid with Radiative Heat Transfer Past a Flat Plate Moving Through a Binary Mixture by Olanrewaju P. O., 1Adeleke O. J., 2Adigun A.A., 2Fenwa O.D., 2Oke A., and 2Ajala, Funmi. Volume 22 (November, 2012), pp 443 – 4
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An approximate numerical solution for the unsteady free convective flow of Sisko fluid with radiative heat transfer past a flat plate moving through a binary mixture has been obtained by solving the governing equations using numerical technique. Using a similarity variable, the governing non-linear partial differential equations have been transformed into a set of coupled non-linear ordinary differential equations, which are solved numerically by applying shooting iteration technique together with fourth order Runge-Kutta integration scheme. Numerical calculations were carried out for different values of dimensionless parameters and an analysis of the results obtained shows that the flow is influenced appreciably by the chemical reaction, heat source and suction or injection at the wall. 
Keywords: boundary layer flow; radiative heat; binary mixture; arrhenius kinetics; porous plate; sisko fluid.