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Steady State Solution of Optimal Production Control of a Dynamic Six-Product Manufacturing System with Setup Costs and Setup Time by Onanaye, A. S., and 2Odekunle, M. R. Volume 22 (November, 2012), pp 285 – 294
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The  steady   state  solution  of  optimal  control  of  a  one-machine Six-product  manufacturing  system  with  setup changes, operating  in  a  continuous time dynamic environment is here considered. The system is deterministic. When production is switched from one product to the other, a known constant   setup time and a setup cost are incurred. Each product has specified constant processing time and constant demand rate,   as well   as a reasonably long supply of raw materials. The   problem is formulated   as   a   feedback control problem. The   aim  is  to  minimize  the  total  backlog,  inventory  and  setup costs  incurred over a finite horizon. The optimal solution provides the optimal production rate and setup switching epochs as a function of the state of the system (backlog and inventory levels).

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 90B70, 90C90.

Keywords: Optimal Control, Production, Cost Function, Manufacturing and Product Type.