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LP-Relaxation of a Single Stage Capacitated Warehouse Location Problem (CWLP): A Study In Formulation Efficiency II by Abdullahi, N. and 2Sani, B. Volume 22 (November, 2012), pp 273 – 280
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Formulations proposed in the literature for the Capacitated Warehouse (Facility or Plants) Location Problem (CWLP), are compared. The comparison, with main emphasis on (linear programming) LP-relaxations is based on some theoretical and computational results. The theoretical aspect compares some relations among the subsets of some constraints of the problem sets. On the other hand, the computational aspect compares the relaxations in terms of the quality of the lower bound the formulations produced when solved directly on some small size test problems, having various characteristics. 

Keywords: Mixed integer programming, Warehouse (Facility, Plant) Location problem, LP-relaxation.