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Measuring Acute Toxicity of Indomethacin In Rats Using The Weibull Model by Osagie S. A. and 1,2Osemwenkhae J. E. Volume 22 (November, 2012), pp 207 – 210
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In this paper, the acute toxicity of indomethacin in rats is evaluated by a tolerance distribution model called Weibull model. This is achieved by obtaining the Median Lethal Dose (MLD) for indomethacin. The parameters of the Weibull model are estimated by two popular estimation methods (the maximum likelihood estimation and least square estimation) to obtain the MLD value. The MLD value (a measure of acute toxicity) of indomethacin is obtained as 13.23mg/kg. The implication of the MLD value indicates that indomethacin could be fatal and toxic as a drug if not properly administered.

Keywords: Indomethacin, Weibull model, median lethal dose, acute toxicity, toxicology, tolerance distribution