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Analysis of Unbalanced Fixed-Effect Non- Interactive Model: An Intra-Factor Approach. by Ochei L.S, Eze F.C. and 2Ajibade B.F. Volume 22 (November, 2012), pp 199 – 206
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This paper examines the analysis of fixed-effect non-interactive unbalanced data by on approach termed “Intra-Factor Design”. To derive this design for analysis mathematically, the matrix version of fixed-effect model, Yijk =μ+ τi+βj +εijk was used. This resulted to the definition and formation of many matrices such as the Information Matrix, L; Replication Vector,  r, Incidence Matrix, Q, which is the generalized inverse of the Information Matrix, and other matrices. The Least Squares Method which gave birth to several normal equations was used to estimate for the parameters, τ ̂ and β ̂ mathematically. Then, an illustrative example was used to ascertain the workability and application of this Intra-Factor procedure in testing for the main effects under some stated hypothesis for significance. However, before testing for the variance component of the main effects on the illustrative data, it was necessary to first establish that the data was fixed-effect and that interaction was either absent or non-significant