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Path Loss Prediction Model for a Radio Station in Nigeria by Oke, M. O. Volume 22 (November, 2012), pp 161 – 168
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The quality of signals received by radio listeners is of keen interest to stakeholders in the broadcast world.  This now makes the measurement of the field strength distribution of radio channels to be of great importance to scientists and engineers. In this paper, I measured the field strength of a radio station in Ekiti State, Nigeria by using a digital field strength meter (DAGATRON TM 10) and I used a global positioning system (GPS) receiver to monitor the line of sight (LOS) from the base station. The GPS was also used to monitor the latitude, longitude and elevation above sea level of the various locations visited. Based on the data I got from all these measurement, I came up with a path loss prediction model for the 91.5 MHz radio channel in Ekiti State, Nigeria along certain routes. The results, which shows that elevation and distance from the transmitter are the predominant factors in determining field strength at a particular place, will be very useful for stakeholders in the broadcast world.  

Keywords: Model, Path loss, Prediction, Measurement, Transmitter, Field strength.