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Multi-objective optimal design of a three phase induction motor using geometric programming by Ubeku E. U., 2Ojo K. O., 3Attah J. E. and 4Atuba S. O. Volume 22 (November, 2012), pp 149 – 154
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This paper presents the use of Geometric Programming optimisation in the optimal design of a three phase induction motor. In order to get the best result we used multi-objective functions with the same constraints. Comparison is made between the independent variables and performance index obtained from these objective functions. The efficiency objective function has the best performance index with efficiency been 95%, power factor 0.87 and torque 47.8 N.m.

Keywords: Geometric Programming, Optimisation, Efficiency, Losses, Power factor Induction Motor, Variables, Constraints, Minimisation, Multi- objective functions, Design.