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Correlation Functions of the Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg Chains Using a New Version of Modified Lanczos Method by Ehika S., and 2Idiodi J.O.A. Volume 22 (November, 2012), pp 21 – 34
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This work presents a detailed study of the diagonal spin-spin correlation function of the one dimensional antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model using a new version of modified Lanczos technique. The wavefunctions obtain at the end of the iterations provide a recipe for a formula that correctly computed the diagonal spin-spin correlation functions of the Heisenberg chains. The correlation functions for these Heisenberg chains are found to be translationally invariant and independent of the actual value of the antiferromagnetic constant . The correlations are also found to be antiferromagnetic in the region  , where   is the correlation length and   is the separation between a reference spin and a spin under consideration.