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Determining the Deformation Values using Structural Data Error Analysis by S. Vladimir1a, R. Ehigiator-Irughe1b, M. O. Ehigiator and H. Oriakhi, Volume 21 (July, 2012), pp 389 – 394
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The main purpose of structural deformation monitoring scheme and analysis is to

detect any significant movements of the structure. An effective approach is to model the

structure by using well-chosen discrete points located on the surface of the structure

which, when situated correctly will, accurately depict the characteristics of the structure.

It can then be said that any movements of those points represent deformations of the

object. Large, aboveground oil storage tanks that are commonly used in oil and gas

industries are examples of structures that must be routinely surveyed to monitor their

stability and overall integrity. This paper describes the procedure of geodetic monitoring

system of circular oil storage tanks and presents the analysis of the resulted observations

to determine the values of their deformation.

Keywords: Storage Tank, Structural Deformation, Monitoring, Analysis