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On the direct block multistep method for the solution of fourth order ordinary differential equations by B.T. Olabode, Volume 21 (July, 2012), pp 329 - 336
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We considered a linear multistep method for the direct solution of  fourth order initial value problems of ordinary differential equations. The approach of collocation approximation is adopted in the derivation of the scheme and then the scheme is applied as simultaneous integrator to fourth order initial value problems of ordinary differential equations in non-parallel mode. The method possessed the desirable feature of Runge-Kutta method of being self –starting and eliminated the use of predictors. Numerical examples are given to ensure the efficiency of the method.

Keywords: Linear multistep methods (LMMs); P-stability; Zero-stability; Fourth order; Initial Value Problems (IVPs); 

Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs); Interval of periodicity; Predictor-corrector (PC).