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Modelling to Support Using Crouch Technique to Lift Low-Lying Objects. by A. C. Igboanugo, F. Ashiedu and M. K. Onifade, Volume 21 (July, 2012), pp 261 - 270
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Lifting, a leading cause of lower back pain (LBP) has several industrially hygienic technique of accomplishment. One of them which is labelled crouch technique has been modeled in this study and fitted into empirical data of Nigeria female adult working population. The study was motivated by the need to provide a guiding principle for industrial engineers involved in designing jobs that are ergonomically friendly, especially at workplaces in Sub-Sahara African countries where repetitive manual lifting is still prevalently practised, and thereby constitute health hazard. We found out that adopting acute postural angle (less than 300) while undertaking crouch-lifting poses a serious risk factor that may cause severe lower back disorder and that the magnitude of the muscle loading within the power zone and the attendant stresses at the hip are of the order of 30 of the body weight  of the subject. It is therefore cautioned that bending the trunk considerably while undertaking crouch-lifting is an unsafe act.

Keywords: Power zone, muscle loading, postural angle, musculature.