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Evaluation of Data Mining Algorithms for Predicting Behaviour and Visualizing Daily Activities of the Elderly People living in Smart Homes by Igene O. O. and 2Reiter E. Volume 21 (July, 2012), pp 225 - 236
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Over the years, there has been an increasing number of the elderly populationin major countries of the world. This has led to the development of the Smart House technology that provides alternative means of effective health care. This automated environment is created by the deployment of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) which supports real-time monitoring of their daily activities as well as the implementation of Knowledge and Discovery in Databases (KDD) processes which enables researchers to study, analyze and predict human behaviour. In this study, we presented the development of the Smart Homeand how this technology has helped to improve the well-being of the elderly people as well as the implementation of data analytical processes such as data mining and data visualization techniques used on datasets for discovering patterns and extracting non-trivial information that enables researchers to accurately predict human behaviour of the elderly people. We also highlighted current research works undertaken by various academic research groups where their framework and methodologies are highlighted. The data mining algorithms implemented in their works are also critically examined where their strengths, challenges and notable drawbacks are discussed to determine which of the modelsthat has the potential to produce the highest prediction accuracy.

Keywords: Data Mining, Smart Home, Data Visualization, Human Behaviour, Daily Activities