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Improvisation of Laboratory Power Supply for Powering Laboratory Electronic Instruments by Adenodi, R. A., 2Iwetan, C. N., 3Akinluyi, F. O. and 4Oketayo, O. O. Volume 21 (July, 2012), pp 219 – 224
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The implementation and progress of science and technology education in Nigeria is faced with multidimensional problems especially from the power sector. Power outage, low voltage and over voltage supplies are common phenomena, and many have resulted to using batteries, power inverters and/or generators to generate needed electrical energy in laboratories. Most of these sources and electronic devises are not equipped with over voltage and current limiting protection circuits which are relevant to the security of the devices and their users. Power supply constructed with 14-pin 723-voltage regulator IC gives output voltage range of 0.5 to 24.0V and is capable of maintaining a constant voltage irrespective of changes in the load current and unregulated input voltage.

Keywords: electronic laboratory instruments, current limiting protection circuit, over voltage protection circuit.