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Magnetic and Porosity Effect on MHD Flow of a Dusty Viscoelastic Fluid through Horizontal Plates with Heat Transfer by Lawal O. W. and Loyinmi A. C. Volume 21 (July, 2012), pp 95 – 104
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An analysis has been carried out to study the Magnetohydrodynamics flow of
incompressible non-Newtonian dusty viscoelastic fluid between two parallel horizontal non conducting porous plates with heat transfer. The partial differential equations governing the flow and heat transfer are converted into highly non-linear coupled ordinary differential equations which are solved numerically by employing Adams-Bashford-Moulton classical method (a "predictor-corrector" method) in a computer algebra package known as Maple.The effect of magnetic and porosity parameters are examined for both velocity and temperature distribution of the fluid and particles. The analysis reveals that the fluid and particles temperature profile decreases significantly due to increase in magnetic and porosity parameter while the velocity profile increases.

Keywords: Viscoelastic fluid, classical method, particle concentration, magnetic and porosity effect,
     Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) flow.