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Stochastic Modeling and Performance Analysis of a Repairable Series-Parallel System with Independent Failures by Ibrahim Yusuf Volume 21 (July, 2012), pp 61 – 72
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The paper deals with modeling and performance evaluation of a series-parallel with independent failures using Markov Birth-Death process and probabilistic approach. The system consists of five subsystems arranged in series and parallel configurations with three possible states, working, reduced capacity and failed. Through the transition diagram, systems of differential equations are developed and solved recursively via probabilistic approach. Failure and repair rates for all the subsystems are assumed constant. Availability matrices for each subsystem have been developed to provide various performance values for different combinations of failure and repair rates of all subsystems. Performance of each subsystem of series-parallel system is evaluated. The results of this paper will enhance the system performance and useful for timely execution of proper maintenance improvement, decision, planning and optimization.

Keywords: Performance optimization, availability, availability matrices